Who We Are

Being a family of dog owners, we LOVE our pets. We enjoy walking with our dogs daily, and like most pet owners, we typically walk in the early morning or early evening, and sometimes it's dark. Concerned for our safety and the safety of our pets as cars rushed by us, we knew we needed to be SEEN. We also care for the environment and we wanted something more convenient than a used shopping bag in hand for pet poop pick-up. So we created the PooBoss K9 Utility Vest, for the convenience of both.

 Because safety, convenience, and our environment matters to us.

Did you know: the average dog produces about ¾ lb of feces a day? We have nearly 80 million pet dogs in the United States. Do the math. That’s literally 60 million pounds of dog poop washing down storm drains every day. It is a health hazard and needs to be dealt with! It also can transmit disease and worms to other dogs.

We are a “green” family at PooBoss and we encourage dog owners to be responsible and pick up after their dog, not just when it’s convenient, but each and EVERY TIME. Your neighbors will thank you for it!

Remember to always walk safely!